The Intouchables – liked, warm, fuzzy, bourgoise, joints, the edge of it all

The Intouchables goes much deeper than you might think.

The Intouchables at IMDB

The Intouchables at IMDB

As someone who has “married up” I was struck by how truly the story emerges about how this no-name jobless immigrant and a severely physically handicapped man of sophistication and wealth (I mean he had his own Dassault jet) nevertheless bonded.

I mean, it’s case study of fearless third-world adoption of culture and tech: cell phones, text messaging, knowledgable curation of pop music, and the creature comforts and attitude of über class French (and by extension western) society. The gap was bridged, for better or for worse.

The Arlington audience, reeling from the power outages and mess of the June 29 storm, chuckled and laughed out loud at the acute comedies and ironies of the situation.

Yes, there was the reefer smoking hang out buddies discussion group. But the Earth Wind and Fire cross-culturating drive music, the aspiring sex machine jive, and the stick-a-finger in your stuck-up assumptions told a bold tale of globalization.


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