OK. Holy crap I can’t put this book down

Sh*t My Dad Says
Justin Halpern
IT Books 2010

First off, everyone else in the world has read this. But it’s my first exposure to the Halpern tribe and I am adding to what I more or less heard about this.

Killing time unemployed and wanting to stay busy-looking I walked down to the local library in the sweltering Virginia afternoon. It’s raining and It’s a “cool” 79 degrees. Yesterday it poured and it was around 90. I still don’t get it. After 50 years in California, I find out the East Coast is a tropical rain forest.

So anyway, my reserved books aren’t in yet and I picked a few dull-as-mud nerd manuals on CSS and HTML coding and I grabbed this.

Like I said, I just put the book down for a minute. I broke out laughing a few times and a woman digging through DVDs glared at me.

I’m totally recommend this. Even if you never lived in San Diego, there’s a moral message in here. I can’t find it but it’s funny and sounds, well, real familiar.

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