“The Impossible”

The Impossible is the best disaster film – almost an intimate twist on a documentary – pulling you in to the scary, gritty, and dramatic lives of disaster victims.

One thing that fails the reality test is the utter lack of Asian victims – in Asia? The locals are mainly as extras and the main body of suffering humanity seems to be Caucasians.
I won’t call them survivors – it’s not that simple. Everyone stands out in the film, the extras and the stars: Naomi Watts, Ian MacGregor and especially Tom Holland as eldest son Lucas. He grows from a self-absorbed kid in the backstory and matures as he battles the waters and chaos and saves his mother.
This is a vacation this family (with plans for an idyllic holiday on Thailand‘s beaches) will remember and carry scars from.
The Tsunami that devastated the shores of the Indian Ocean is depicted realistically and painfully. Buts it’s the aftermath and the drama of survival and humanity (in all its diversity with Thai locals and tourists from all over) that the film is about.
This is a very good film for the family (although it’s bloody in parts).

“The Impossible (2012)
An account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.”
Check it out at the IMDB and see the film by all means.


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