“We Women Warriors” leaders in Colombia Indigenous villages not so easy; Director: Nicole Karsin DCIFF

We Women Warriors, Director: Nicole Karsin , with DorisLudis, and Flor Ilva

Russ Imrie, February, 2013

We Women Warriors is a compelling documentary that follows three Colombian indigenous women, DorisLudis, and Flor Ilva, as they grow and lead their villages and communities through the dangerously fraught conflicts in their midst. Available on DVD at link below.

(in recognition of International Women’s Day – the DC Independent Film Festival is presenting the film in a free showing March 8 in Washington DC – tickets required but free – and Shouting Secrets is playing with its all-star Native American cast Sunday March 10 – with cast members present)

This is a film for seriously interested thinkers and followers of indigenous women’s struggles and leadership. The Colombian army, paramilitaries and rebels all orchestrate actions and violence that impact the civilian community and have lethal consequences for the three women. They then emerge to lead non-violent actions and national media activity and bring the glare of public opinion on the malignant forces that use their territories as a battle ground.

I viewed this film some time ago in a room filled with a female Native audience in North America. The opinion was that it was awesome and very compelling. Children, murdered spouses, state and criminal violence, all sounded a chord with the audience, ranging in age from 16 to elders.

online resources and more information
trailer: http://vimeo.com/21782432

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