“Shouting Secrets”

Shouting Secrets:  Producer/Director Korinna Sohringer
Chaske Spencer (Wesley), Q’orianka Kilcher (Pinti), Tyler Christopher (Tushka), Gil Birmingham (Cal), Tonantzin Carmelo (Caitlyn), Tantoo Cardinal (June), Connor Fox (Brody)

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Review by Russ Imrie, February, 2013 IMDB

An excellent family film about an artist who leaves his more conservative, ethnically traditional family to make it big in America and his return at a time of family crisis. Sort of. But wait. This sounds like the classic narrative of immigration to America. Irish or Italian? A Scarface or a Sugar? Not. In this film America moved THERE, onto the land of the family of June, an Apache matriarch living on the San Carlos reservation. Just a few years ago, film pushed a myth that was a little different.

Tumbleweed (1953 film)

Tumbleweed (1953 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shouting Secrets sets that to one side and moves on. Spencer plays Wesley, writer [maybe] getting his big break and Tyler Christopher is the brother Tushka who comes to fists with Wesley over his ambitions in remote cities. This thread, the conflict between the parochial pressure to stay local and the ambition to succeed “out there” in mainstream American culture is well done, with a sub-thread of Wesley’s dealings (or misdealings?) with his publisher.

The film brings in bits of most issues on the minds of  Native Americans’ daily lives. Not everything, but enough to resonate and bring a smile.

Then a crisis strikes June and all those around her. The characters shift and manuever and adapt

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