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How did Osama bin Laden live safely for years within walking distance of Pakistan’s military academy in Abbottabad? That, and other questions, are what Gall writes about drawing upon over 10 years in Afghanistan and Pakistan reporting for the New York Times. She spoke recently on her experience in South Asia and her new book, a must-read for anyone interested in Afghanistan, Pakistan, jihadists, and al Qaeda.

Carlotta Gaul’s study based on more than a decade as a New York Times journalist in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a bald, revealing account that documents Pakistan’s agenda-driven interference in neighbor Afghanistan for its domestic policy ends. This subplot to the motives and dynamics in the war-torn regions has needlessly inflamed the conflict there at the cost of thousands of lives and bloodshed in both countries.

The Wrong Enemy by Carlotta Gaul image of book jacketAnyone remotely interested in an inside reveal of Pakistan’s deal with the devil and about Pakistan’s notorious ISI Intelligence arm must read this book.

What was America thinking?, one must ask after learning in detail evidence of Pakistan’s part in hiding Osama bin Laden? after Pakistan’s failing to prosecute captured Taliban and al Qaeda leaders? of its part in the bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul? and of its housing and feeding of terrorists who cross the Durand Line into Afghanistan, attack Afghans and NATO allies, then flee back into Pakistan’s Tribal Areas to rest and recuperate, secure knowing Pakistan would make feeble attempts at best to go after them.

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