Early fall, warm days, fun times all around town.

IMovie on iPhone iOS 6 quick vid done on the sidewalk central Clarendon

Nats and Clarendon Days = jammed Metro - photo Russ Imrie

Nats and Clarendon Days = jammed Metro – photo Russ Imrie

The Nats fans jamming a usually quiet Saturday Metro ride

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Big Love by Charles Mee, at the Hub theater is bedlam, energy, talent and a vortex of choreography by cuisinenart.

The hub transforms something you read about in reviews into a graphic family problem, but with you seated at the kitchen table while a crazy family acts out one poignant or proposterous story or another for you, an appalled or rueful relative. You are one of the family at the intimate Hub stage.

Brides facing arranged marriages scheme, escape, and work it, well, out at the estate of an unsuspecting bon vivant where they flee.

This is an amazing production, an exhausting (and this just for the audience who are practically seated on the stage as we were) and gleeful exhibition of the prodigous talents of the cast.

The basic staging is just right. And here I list the production cadre. Well done!
Director: Kirsten Kelly
Assistant Director: Matt Bassett
Music Directors: Carla Gerdes & Michael Gerdes
Stage Manager: Daniel Mori
Scenic Design: Natsu Onoda Power
Lighting Design: Joel Moritz
Sound Design: Matthew Nielson
Costume Design: Deborah Sivigny
Choreography: Susan Shields
Fight Choreography: Casey Kaleba

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