Your Media Tools

I travel a bit and usually take my MacBook.
I take many photos and videos, usually with an iPhone (where I’m blogging now using the WordPress app).
My iPhoto Library is huge and I keep it on an external HD.
I often hauled it around on trips—not the greatest scheme, and bulky.
So do what I’ve done is to start using a USB thumb/flash drive instead. When you return home, export all your new photos and vids in original format from the thumb drive then import to your base library in iPhoto.
Works great, saves time and grief.


3.5 GB Flash/Thumb drive mounted in USB port – photo Russ Imrie 2013

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Best QR code generator (free) phones, url’s, Twitter, vcard…

I’ve used several online QR code generators but this seems the most capable. Highly recommended. – MST



Intelligient links for wonks and junkies  DCLinkTank

Have a free couple of hours? Interested to hear the brightest, best, most influential, notorious, or powerful in usually a small foundation or university environment, for free? Listings every week. Be polite, respect the speakers and the organizations (of every political stripe) that host these and make them available. Network, join a Q&A with a former Cabinet member, political operative, lobbyist or journalist before they head to CNN or are written up in the Post, get a card to send a question for a seriously awesome response. – uniquely DC – MST



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